Patient Participation Group

We are keen to recruit more patients for its Patient Participation Group. It comprises volunteer surgery patients who are willing to give up a small amount of their time to work together with the staff and doctors to help them to meet the needs of patients, to improve services and to share an understanding of issues and opportunities.

We hope the group will:

  • Provide a channel of communication between practice staff and patients to break down barriers to communication and enable sharing of information
  • Help themselves and other patients to take more responsibility for their health
  • Provide practical support to the surgery
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of services determined by the needs of the community

If you would like to take part and are happy for us to contact you periodically, please complete this online form or ask at reception to join. Some members come to occasional meetings, some take part solely via email. Either way, we value insights from patients to help shape the future of the surgery.

This information you provide will help us to make sure that we try to speak to a representative sample of the patients that are registered at this practice.