Test Results

Please note that it is the patient’s responsibility to follow up test or other results with the surgery. The surgery will normally only contact you if urgent action is needed.

Most results are visible online via our online services. Please complete our online form if you wish to register for online services. For blood tests and X-rays please contact us 1 week after the test for the results. If an appointment is required, then this can be booked after you receive the results.

For scans organised by the GP, it can take 7-14 days for the report to reach us. If you book a follow-up appointment following a scan, then please ask the receptionist if the scan report is available at the time of booking, as occasionally we may not have received the report in the usual time frame.

Please note that we only receive results of investigations we have organised ourselves from the GP surgery. Tests organised by hospitals do not come to us, but to the person who organised the test. We would only receive the results once the hospital writes to us.